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Gil has been working on the stage since his early school years. After majoring in Theatre Arts at Colorado State University, and starring in dozens of productions there, Gil moved on to Stand Up and Improvisational comedy in California. He appeared in theatrical productions of plays and sketch comedy, did two seasons of work at Disneyland, and has toured with Leslie Uggams and Louise Duart in a special stage show for Pontiac Automotive. And if you consider that all the world is a stage, Gil's resume is pretty big

Gil & Dick Benjamin laugh it up while Leonard Stern, Stanley Rubin, Larry Gelbart and Carl Reiner yawn
Gil & Dick Benjamin laugh it up while Leonard Stern, Stanley Rubin, Larry Gelbart and Carl Reiner yawn.

Arthur Hiller pays tribute to Leonard Stern while Gil yawns
Arthur Hiller pays tribute to Leonard Stern while Gil yawns

Gil & Harlan Williams, standup and actor who
co-starred with Gil in an episode of the hit TV series "My Name is Earl"

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Gil worked a few seasons at Disneyland as Sam the Bartender in the Golden Horseshoe Review in Frontierland. It was a great experience, doing 6 shows daily, with singing and dancing as well as goofy family style comedy. Although Disneyland management is known for its strict enforcement of Disney rules, Gil was never hassled about his performance or demeanor, and had a very good time being a part of the Disney family.

Gil was hired to be in the stage show at the Golden Horseshoe saloon after it was totally revamped, and cast members who had worked in the show for literally dozens of years were replaced for newer, different faces. Unfortunately for Gil, he wasn't aware that he was part of this radical re-staging, so many times during his tenure at Disneyland, when he innocently told other employees that he was the new Sam the Bartender, often people would stare very coldly at him and say things like, "My good friend got fired from that show after working there for 15 years." Gil found a very chilly reception among several park employees.

Other than that, however, it was very exciting to be "backstage," behind the scenes at Disneyland. After many years of visiting the park as a paying customer, Gil was thrilled to see the inner most goings-on. One of the best parts of being a Disney "cast member" was the incredibly cheap employee cafeteria is secretly hidden under the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Not many park guests realize that there is a whole underground of tunnels and passageways to Disneyland.
One strict rule that Gil violated many times was to go on the rides while he was on duty. There was usually 40 to 60 minute breaks between shows, so often Gil would change into his civvies, run to one of the coaster rides and ride it as many times as possible before having to head back Frontierland to get into costume. The record was going on Space Mountain 7 times in one lunch hour.

Unfortunately for Gil, he broke his foot doing his stand up act at another club during his tenure at Disneyland, and producers of the Horseshoe Show decided not to hire him for another season. Of course it would have been impossible to dance in a cast, so Gil is not bitter. Still, every time he goes to Disneyland, he looks for the secret passage ways to the underground tunnels!