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Gil's Latest Buzz


Gil has written or co-written 5 screen plays that are available for production. Please contact Bicoastal Talent if you would like to read and consider any of the following scripts:


This movie follows the adventures of the Grim Reaper (aka "Morty D'Angelo") for one Memorial Day Weekend as he visits St. Vivian's-On-The-Bay, a popular New England resort island.

As the weekend of sun, miniature golf and karaoke bars draws on, some people become enamored of Morty's celebrity, some beg Him to answer Important Life Questions, and some want to capture Him for fame and fortune. He skillfully avoids all of these irritants. Morty becomes especially taken with Emily Waters, the daughter of the only doctor on the island, and whose mother died in child birth. After a quick holiday romance, Morty convinces Emily to follow Him to the Underworld at the end of the weekend, but they are pursued by the sheriff Ben Masterson, Emily's boyfriend, who must outsmart Morty on His own turf.

WriteMovies.com Screenplay Contest - Third Place
Scriptapalooza Screenplay Contest - Fifth Place
Hollywood Symposium - Honorable Mention
Chesterfield Writers' Project - Finalist
ScriptPimp.com Screenplay Contest - Top 20 Finalist
Five and Dime Screenplay Contest - Semi-Finalist
Hollywood's Next Success Contest - Semi-Finalist


CUT OUT OF THE PICTURE!, a comedy/horror film, tells the story of a low-budget movie crew filming a low-budget psycho-slasher movie while being stalked and killed by a psycho-slasher. Our heroine, line producer Samantha (Sam) Connors, and her boyfriend, fired camera-man Jake Gorman, try to finish the film and stay alive while attempting to solve the mysterious string of murders on the set and at location (a deserted campgrounds in the mountains, ala Friday the 13th movies). The final climactic scene takes place on various sound stages as Sam finds the identity of the real killer, which has to do more with publicity than psychology.
Awards Won - Screen Writers Expo 3 - Quarter Finalist


Time Janitors are the folks that clean up after Time Travelers, so the people in the historical eras don't find out they have been visited by observers from the future. That's right, History is just another world for Someone Else's Mess.

Our Hero, Jack, is a Time Janitor who discovers that his boss, Orson, is really a Time-Traveling Psycho Serial Killer. But before Jack can blow the whistle on him, Orson goes back in Time and steals the seminal piece of Garbage from the Future, thus changing the entire History of Temporal Janitorial Services, as well as that of Time Travel itself. Jack, now just a regular janitor who can no longer travel through History at will, must figure out how to stop Orson, find the Garbage from the Future hidden somewhere in the Past, and restore the Space Time Continuum to its rightful balance. It's "Men in Black to the Future!"


Jenny Swerdlow is a young intern at a San Francisco detective agency, who wants more than anything to get into the "action" of detective work. So she's a little put off when her boss assigns her to be a "Restaurant Detective," which is nothing more than having dinner at various bistros and eateries to evaluate the food and service quality. But she gets way more than she wishes for when a co-worker of David O'Malley, her boyfriend, dies mysteriously during a luncheon at the exclusive restaurant belonging to Jenny's sister and brother-in-law. Determined to get to the bottom of what turns out to be a murder, Jenny must go up against gangsters, hoodlums, corrupt city officials, and worst of all, David's slimy boss to solve the mystery. Fine food, exotic San Francisco locales and a goofy bunch of characters make Jenny's adventure exciting, funny, and even worse, deadly.
THEY MIGHT BE US - co-written with Lorenzo Matawaran and Dave Stump.
A goofy parody of the great 1950's sci-fi paranoia flicks, They Might Be Us follows the story of one lone scientist in a small desert community as he tries to convince everyone that the "meteor" that fell to earth is really a space ship of aliens that take over people's bodies, transforming them into mindless slaves. Written in the style of the Airplane movies, this film incorporates plots from Invasion of the Body Snatchers, It Fell to Earth, Invaders from Mars, and many other classic SF films.