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Gil's Latest Buzz


For the last 10 years Gil has written, produced and voiced comedy spots for national syndicated radio, first for Cutler Productions, now currently for Premiere Radio Networks. Parody songs, commercials, fake TV shows and movies, faux celebrity phone calls and bogus Presidential announcements are only a few kinds of the thousands of comedy bits Gil has created over the past decade. These bits are syndicated to various radio programs all over the country for use in the morning and afternoon drive time shows. If you would like to know which radio station in your area plays Gil's comedy bits, you can e-mail Gil and he will answer back the call letters of the radio station in your town that plays his comedy.

If you want to hear some of these comedy bits, you can go to the Premiere web site, click on Comedy, then click on Parody Songs and/or Parody Commercials. You then can click on any of the titles and hear the bits. There are good other bits from other fine writers and producers besides Gil available, but, of course, they aren't as funny.

You can click here to read all of Gil's Comedy Scripts of the Month.