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Gil's Latest Buzz

Gil has worked with every single Improv group in California, or at least it seems that way. From featuring in the world-famous Comedy Store Players, to helping create an improv game show pilot for Fox television, Gil's number one love is improvisation. Gil learned the Viola Spolin techniques from Jim Cranna of The Committee and Michael Bossier of San Francisco's Spaghetti Jam. In his Improv travels, Gil has worked with Robin Williams, Martin Short, Jim Carrey, Eddie Griffin, Betty Thomas of Hill Street Blues, Jeff Conaway of Taxi, and, in a special all-improvised show for Showtime Television, with the king of all improv comedy, Johnathan Winters.

Here is a partial list of the groups Gil has worked with:

The Comedy Store Players
Off the Wall
Funny You Should Ask
Spaghetti Jam
Papaya Juice
The Cabaret Players
Head Waiters of the Nile
The Core
The Jumping Frog Motel Players
Moving Violations
The Mamas and the Dadas
Shemp's Kids
Free Beer Night
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