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Gil Christner

Gil Christner himself

~ Gil's Buzz Archives 2006 ~


Summertime and the livin' is busy! Ogilvy and Mather flew Gil (and Kevin) to New York for still more photo and internet shoots, such as seen here in this advertisement in Byte and Switch Magazine.

Also this summer, the trailer for the Nancy Meyers' film Holiday hit the theaters, and Gil's scene is in it! So, even though the film won't be released until December,
Gil's in the movies this summer, at least, technically! And NBC has rerun Gil's episode of My Name is Earl, and Gil's scene from Desperate Housewives was used in the "Previously" clip on the show.

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The IBM campaign keeps on rolling! The Ogilvy and Mather folks booked Gil (and his trusty sidekick Kevin Christy) for several more photographic layouts for magazines. Gil and Kevin are now visible in every computer magazine in existence, or so it seems! Even more exciting, Gil and Kevin's images are being used in an extensive Internet campaign, some of which can be seen on the IBM website here and here.
Click the image for gil's ibm campaign ads.
go here -Gil's IBM Campaign ads
Gil and Kevin also recorded some radio spots for IBM, which are now being heard in
the Washington, DC area! And the print ads are being shown all around the world, in 12 different languages, in such magazines as InfoWorld, EWeek, and Computer World.


The year starts off with a bang as Gil books a few days on the newest Kate Winslet film
The Holiday
, and an episode of Desperate Housewives, all in the same week!

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In The Holiday, the latest film by Nancy Meyers (Something's Gotta Give, What Women Want), Gil plays a Customs Officer that gives Kate a very hard time as she tries to enter the country for a vacation. Kate was an extremely gracious actor on the set, and a very approachable person while shooting the movie. And Nancy Meyers was a riot!

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Also in the film are Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, and Jack Black, none of whom Gil got to meet, but that's literally Show Biz!
On Desperate Housewives, Gil plays the Justice of the Peace that marries Terri Hatcher and Dick Burgi (a marriage of convenience for Terri's character's health insurance). Terri and Dick were also quite gracious, and Desperate Housewives had one of the smoothest-operating sets Gil has ever had the good fortune to work on.

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Aside from everyone knowing their job and doing it efficiently and well, there was a general feeling of fun and camaraderie through out the shoot. And even though Gil only had a few lines in one scene, the cast and crew invited him to stay for dinner (fajitas on the lot) after his work was done!

The episode aired on Feb. 19!