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Gil Christner

Gil Christner himself

~ Gil's Buzz Archives 2004 - 2005 ~

FALL 2005

It's Server-Mania, as Gil's IBM commercials are running all over the television! You can visit IBM's website and watch the commercials, plus the original Industrial Gil made back in February! Plus, read the scripts to each one: the Industrial, Spaced Out, Run Around, Last Stand and Man Down.

And Gil (and Kevin Christy) shot a photographic layout for the IBM campaign, now being seen in such publications as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Business Week. The world-famous photographer Clang shot the pictures.

Better still, Ogilvy and Mather brought Gil (and Kevin, as his trusty sidekick) back in to film seven more commercials! Four of the spots will be seen exclusively on ABC's Monday Night Football, beginning November 14, and promote Super Bowl 40.

A total of 12 different spots are being shown during Pro Football games, the US Open and the Baseball Playoffs, and the World Series!

Gil also shot an episode of the hit NBC sitcom, My Name Is Earl. It's the Christmas episode, in which Earl and his brother try to win a car for Earl's ex-wife. Gil plays a contestant in the same contest, who makes fun of Earl for losing, and then immediately loses himself. It should air in December.

Gil was interviewed by best-selling author Lisa Mulcahy for her upcoming book from Allworth Press, titled "The Actor's Other Career Book." The book, which addresses performers "who wish to apply their acting skills to a wide range of professional pursuits," is due out in 2006. Gil shared what little he has learned over the years with Lisa.

Lastly, some movement has been made on production of Gil's screenplay "Death Takes a Vacation," but, being superstitious, we're not going to tell you what until the ink's dry! Keep your fingers crossed!


The Gods of Show Biz are smiling on Gil this summer! As suggested earlier this year, the ad agency Olgilvy & Mather decided to create a commercial campaign to hire Gil to shoot 4 more IBM commercials. The spots are based on the character Gil did in the IBM commercial back in 2001. These new ads were written specifically for Gil (and the very funny comic Kevin Christy, who plays Gil's assistant, Ned) and should be running later this year.

And the cherry on top of the IBM sundae is that Olgilvy & Mather lifted a commercial from the Industrial that Gil filmed in February, and started running in late May.

Also happening in June, Gil filmed an interview with some classmates from his old Alma Mater, Hinkley High School in Aurora, Colorado. The classmates are making a documentary about the musical comedy productions that ran at the high school back in the day. Gil played King Pellinore in the Hinkley production of Camelot, and was interviewed about his experience.

Also, Mystery Men is running on Comedy Central, and Gil's episodes of Buffy, Sabrina, West Wing, Family Matters, 3rd Rock and Reno 911 are popping up here and there, too!


Gil has signed with Liz Hanley of BiCoastal Talent and Literary to represent him for talent auditions as well as being his literary agent. And Liz is kicking some butt, getting Gil more TV and film auditions than any other agent he ever had!

Gil filmed an industrial for IBM in March, reprising his role as the Panicked Office Guy from The Heist, the commercial from 2001/2002 which ran all over the tube. In this Industrial, his office has been taken over by Computer Servers, and he calls the cops to help him out. IBM was so pleased with the resulting Industrial, there is talk of doing a return commercial campaign. We'll keep you posted.

Mystery Men is currently showing on Comedy Central, and Coach has started running on TBS, and Buffy is still running on F/X, Fox and the WB, so you will be seeing Gil's face on cable tv this year!

On the DVD front, Mind Games will be released on July 19, and 3rd Rock From the Sun will be released on July 26th. Order your copy of Mind Games from Amazon.

FALL 2004

Leaping Shadows Entertainment has re-optioned "Death Takes A Vacation," and Brookwell McNamara, the producers of "That's So Raven" as well as the recent Hillary Duff film "Raise Your Voice," have agreed to obtain financing for the film, with an eye towards Sean McNamara as director. Currently they are in talks with several Hollywood stars to play the part of Morty. And Gil got his name in Daily Variety in an interview with Sean as the author of the script that Sean will direct next!

Also, one of Gil's other scripts, "Cut Out of the Picture," was a Quarter-Finalist in the Screenwriters' Expo 3 Scriptwriting contest. And, Gil just found out that the movie "Mind Games" has secured a North American DVD distribution deal with Showcase Entertainment. We'll let you know as soon as it's available!


Nothing but reruns on TV, but that's ok for Gil! Over the summer, Gil's episodes of Reno 911 and That's So Raven were featured in marathons of both shows. And you could see Gil on reruns of 3rd Rock, Family Matters, Coach (now on Nick at Nite), Sabrina, Chicago Hope, Buffy and Providence! Plus More American Graffiti, Mind Games and Mystery Men were all shown on television, and Gil's episode of the Bernie Mac Show was shown in Europe, for all you French, German and Italian fans of Gil's work!

On the script writing front, Gil has started work on his latest epic, Time Janitors! It looks like it's going to be even funnier than Death Takes a Vacation, so we'll keep you posted on the progress.

And, movie-wise, the film "Mind Games" was shown at the Philadelphia Film Festival in June!


Gil filmed a Jiffy Lube commercial! In it, Gil plays a husband who took his car for a lube job to the deal on Sunday. Quite a mistake, because it turned out to be closed, while the wind blew huge pieces of garbage at Gil, and Doberman pinchers tried to bite him. In the end, Gil sinks to the ground in despair as a hubcap rolls across the parking lot right at him, while his wife takes her car to Jiffy Lube for quick service!

Meanwhile, the film "Mind Games" was shown at the Hollywood Black Film Festival in March and the Palm Beach Film Festival in April.

January 2004

The new year started off with a bang, as the Disney Channel ran Gil's episode during their New Year's "That's So Raven" Marathon. And friends of Gil mentioned they saw his episodes of "Buffy" and "West Wing" in syndicated runs of those shows. And Gil's episodes of "Providence," "Chicago Hope" and "Third Rock From the Sun" are still showing up on television, as well as the film "Mystery Men."

Meanwhile, Gil's DisneyWorld commercial is still running strong, and his Dell Computer commercial, which started running late last year, is also all over TV.

The film "Mind Games" won a Silver Medal for its original score at the Park City Film Music Festival in January. Gil played a scummy Justice of the Peace in this story, and is considered to be one of the comic highlights of the movie.

And over the holidays Gil was honored to participate in a
Young Story Tellers
event at Broadway Elementary School in
Los Angeles. Gil joined several other actors in a reading of original screenplays by the students of Broadway Elementary. Some of the kids' writing was very clever, and it was a lot of
fun to perform for the kids and their parents. The Young Story Tellers program is a worthwhile organization that helps kids expand their imagination, and have a good time doing.

Gil finished polishing up his latest screenplay, "Jenny Swerdlow, Restaurant Detective." But probably the best news on the screenwriting front is that Leaping Shadows Entertainment has optioned "Death Takes A Vacation." Leaping Shadows is now representing "DTAV" throughout Hollywood, and currently
getting the script in through some major doors in the movie business.