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Gil Christner

Gil Christner himself

~ Gil's Buzz Archives 2003 ~


October was premiere month for Gil, as the Uncle Davver Really Scary Movie Show had its big Premiere Party at the Silent Movie Theatre in Hollywood. Aside from Uncle Davver (Wally Wingert) himself, there were plenty of people celebrating Halloween and cheesy movies, including such celebrities as David Naughton (who was featured in the pilot),Dustin Diamond, Wil Wheaton, Phil Austin and plenty more (and Gil, of course). The pilot was very funny and well-received, and representatives from production companies, including Comedy Central and National Lampoon, were on hand to enjoy the finished product.

Keep your fingers crossed! If all goes well, you may be watching Uncle Davver (with Gil as Mr. Happy) some cable channel in the near future.

Also premiering was Gil's Disney World commercial. The spot appeared on several network shows, and is still running. And Gil also filmed a Dell Computer commercial this month. Gil plays one of a handful of ordinary people who sign up for what they thought would be a summer camp for computer users, and turns into a tough boot camp, complete with angry drill sergeant! This spot should start running sometime in November for the Christmas rush.

And Death Takes A Vacation continues to rock the screenplay contest world, as it not only won an Honorable mention in the Hollywood Symposium competition, but also made the finals in the Chesterfield Writers Project. And not being content with riding on his laurels, Gil is hard at work on his new screenplay Jenny Swerdlow, Restaurant Detective.


September started off with a bang, as Gil attended the Write reception for the 2003 Screenplay contest Winners. Having come in Third Place for his entry Death Takes A Vacation, Gil and the other winners were treated to lunch at the Warners Hollywood Studio Lot commissary. Several producers (of such films as Shawshank Redemption and The Truman Show) were also on hand to share their knowledge and Industry experiences.

Death Takes A Vacation continued on to place well in contests, as it made the finals in the Hollywood Symposium screenplay contest. And, best of all, Liz Hanley, of the Bicoastal Talent and Literary Agency, read the script and fell in love with it. Liz signed Gil for exclusion representation of both DTaV and Cut Out of the Picture. Several good things are in the works, which we hope to be able to report on soon.

And last, but certainly not least, DTaV made the semi-finals of the very prestigious Chesterfield Screen Writer's Project! Sponsored by Paramount Pictures, the Chesterfield is one of the oldest and most respected script contests in the country. Keep your fingers crossed!


August was a busy month for Gil, capping off a busy summer. Gil's episode of "Reno 911" was shown, and his episode of "The West Wing" was rerun as well. The episodes of "3rd Rock from the Sun," "Sabrina the Teenage Witch," "Buffy," "Providence," "Chicago Hope" and "Coach" are also still running in syndication, and the film "Mystery Men" is showing on both cable and network television.

Gil and the crew filmed the Uncle Davver Pilot. It went very well, and the movie comments were hilarious. Here's some pictures of the shoot and the weird people that showed up to help out (including special guest star David Naughton!)

And, continuing the successful run of competition showings, Death Takes a Vacation came in fifth (out of almost 3,000 entries) in the Scriptapalooza screenplay contest.

JULY 2003

Gil and Wally and the rest of the cast and crew spent the month working on the pilot for "Uncle Davver." It looks like it will be a very funny pilot, and the shoot should be a great time. The shoot will be held at the world famous Silent Movie Theatre in Hollywood, sometime in August.

Gil's script Death Takes A Vacation is still kicking major butt in the contest world. It placed in the quarter-finals in the Hollywood's Next Success contest (top 25% out of over 1,400 entries), and in the top 20 finalists (out of over 900 entries) in the Script Pimp contest. ScriptPimp held a reception/party for the finalists at the Improv comedy club in Hollywood, one of Gil's old haunts, which he played many times as a stand up.

But the best news is that Death Takes a Vacation came in THIRD PLACE (out of over 1,000 entries) in the contest. This should help his script get seen in production company circles.

JUNE 2003

Gil filmed a DisneyWorld commercial. Disney flew him to Orlando to shoot the spot, and he stayed at Disney's Polynesian Hotel. He was able to see a little of The Magic Kingdom, where he got to ride the Buzz Lightyear Target Shoot, a ride not found in Anaheim's Disneyland.

The spot was directed by the famous commercial director Joe Pytka, who previously directed Gil in the IBM computer spot a couple of years previously. In this DisneyWorld spot (called "Walkies"), Gil and three other guys are husbands playing golf at the Disney Resort, but tell their wives (via walkie talkies) that they are riding the Tower of Terror. But the wives aren't fooled, they know the men are golfing. The spot should start airing nationally in the fall.

On the screenplay front, Death Takes A Vacation made the semi-finals in the Five And contest semi-finals, and made the Finals in the contest.

Gil also began work on a pilot project called Uncle Davver's Really Scary Movie Show. Gil's good friend, Wally Wingert (a successful voice over artist) thought up this premise for a late night TV show: Uncle Davver, a horror movie TV host, holds movie parties for the rejects and undead in Hollywood. At these parties, weird and goofy things happen both on the screen and off, but mainly the audience yells out sarcastic comments at the movie. Wally describes it as "a cross between Mystery Science Theatre and Rocky Horror, with a little of Laugh-In thrown in." Gil is the Head Writer, and one of the recurring cast of characters.


MAY 2003

Gil was fortunate enough to tape an episode of the new Comedy Central Show, "Reno 911," which is produced by and starring Tom Lennon and Kerri Kenny, two alumnae of the MTV comedy improv show "The State." You may also remember Tom and Kerri from the Comedy Central show "Viva Variety." Gil plays a very swishy Justice of the Peace who performs the marriage ceremony for a policewoman and her groom, a lowlife drug dealer, whom she arrested earlier.

The entire scene was improvised. Tom and Kerri and the cast were very giving performers, and Gil was able to get a few laughs. The whole scene was very funny and the entire day of taping was great fun.

We are pleased to report that Gil's screenplay, Death Takes a Vacation, made the semi-finals at the contest.

MARCH 2003

Gil's episode of "The Bernie Mac Show" aired on March 12. And Gil began entering his screenplay DTaV in several writing contests. He also took time to rewrite his earlier screenplay, now retitled Cut Out of the Picture.


Gil's episode of "The West Wing" aired on Feb 26, a few weeks after the original date. Luckily, the folks at Warner Brothers called Gil up and let him know that the date had changed! In the meantime, Gil finished his final draft of his screenplay, Death Takes A Vacation.


Happy New Year!

The new year is starting out great for Gil, because the Disney TV show, "That's So Raven," will begin airing on the Disney Channel starting on January 17, so Gil's episode where he plays the janitor, fooled by Raven Simone and her buddies, should be playing soon! Our estimation is that it will air on January 31; please check back for updates on this.

Also, be sure to watch Gil on The West Wing on February 5 on NBC television!

And, more political parody at the Democratic Underground: here's an article making fun of Bill Frist, the new leader of the GOP, titled "New Majority Leader Stops to Help Family by Side of Road, Kills Their Cat."

And here's one about Iraq-al Qaeda connections: "Powell Offers Proof of Saddam-Osama Link; Trail of Connections include Actor Kevin Bacon and 5 Other People"

Gil also filmed an episode of "The Bernie Mac Show" in January. It's slated to run on April 2. Bernie Mac was very nice to work with; he made sure he personally greeted every new guest star on the show, and he was always cracking jokes with the extras.

Gil was very happy to get this job; he auditioned for the producers by reading for two different parts (one line each). But after hearing his reading, the producers decided to merge the two parts into one, and added in a third non-speaking part as well, and gave the job to Gil. So Gil is in three different scenes in this episode: he shooshes Bernie in a movie theater, he gets to go ahead of Bernie at the Emergency Room, and he makes a smart aleck remark as Bernie causes a scene on an airplane. It should be a funny episode!