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Gil Christner

Gil Christner himself

~ Gil's Buzz Archives 2002 ~

December 2002

Gil filmed an episode of The West Wing! The episode will air on February 5, and is called "The Inauguration, Part One." Gil plays an Aide in the Office of Management and Budget, sharing the scene with Bradley Whitford, who was a very gracious actor, and a lot of fun to work with.

Gil enjoyed his experience working with the cast and crew of West Wing. It is an award winning show, and they actually have the four Emmy's the show won under glass backstage on the set on the Warner Brothers lot!

Gil's LendingTree and Carnation commercials are still running all over the channels, and his episodes of the various syndicated TV shows are also still seen. Coach runs on Nick At Night, Buffy runs on the FX channel, and 3rd Rock is still running on late night Los Angeles television.

November 2002

Gil signed with his Talent Agents, Hervey/Grimes, to represent him in VoiceOver work as well. His previous agents, Abrams Rubaloff and Lawrence, unfortunately dismantled both their VoiceOver and On-Camera departments. Gil is looking forward to working with the staff of Hervey/Grimes to continue his VoiceOver work.

Gil would like to take a moment to thank his previous agents from ARL: Mark Quinn, who was the first person in Los Angeles to take a chance on Gil's talent as a VoiceOver artist, and his assistant Marcy, who also encouraged Gil every time he went into the office or spoke to her on the phone. Also a big thank you goes to Curtis, the assistant at ARL, who was always helpful and encouraging. Gil wishes all three folks great good luck in their further careers, and definitely would not have gotten this far in VoiceOver work without their efforts and support.

October 2002

For the second year in a row, Gil's IBM commercial was seen on the World Series!

Gil was especially happy, because since it was an All-California series, which meant most of Gil's friends were watching! In fact, Gil got a couple of congratulatory phone calls during the commercial break! (But everyone hung up once the game came back on).

And Gil's LendingTree, Carnation Instant Breakfast and CDW commercials are also still running. His episodes of 3rd Rock from the Sun, Coach, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer are still in syndication, and we know that somewhere in the world somebody is watching him on Family Matters and Chicago Hope, because he is still getting checks for those shows!

September 2002

Gil's CDW (Computer Discount Warehouse) commercial has begun running on various cable networks. Gil can be seen speaking the punch line to a series of office workers with strange idiotic questions for the (unseen) company's IT manager. Gil, looking helplessly up from his corner office desk, says, "Fred, I think I crashed the internet." It's very funny.


August 2002

Gil went up to perform in San Francisco for Comedy Day on for the weekend of August 161-8. He did some improve with lots of old friends from various Bay Area Improv groups, and it was just like old times.

Gil worked with his old stand up and improve buddies John Elk, Tony DePaul, Joe Sharkey, Denise Schultz, Billy Lucas, Michael O'Brien, Terry McGovern, Dennis Egan, Janine Hansen, John Cantu and the always lovely Jim Cranna, and the new improv group known as Too Many Larrys.

Then on Sunday, thanks to the hard work of Debbie Durst, a fine comedian, Gil and his wife got in backstage at Comedy Day, the annual free concert in Golden Gate Park for the citizens of San Francisco. They were able to see even more old comic friends, including Will Durst, Bob Sarlatte, Dan St. Paul, John and Anne Fox, the fabulous Jose and Gail Simon. It was great to see everybody from the old days, and wonderful to almost feel like they were 22 again.

We highly recommend that if you are ever in the Bay Area during the month of August, be sure to stop by Comedy Day, where the laughs may not be consistent, but they are always free!

Gil continues writing his political parody, published at the Democratic Underground. Here's an article sending up White House Leaks to the press; and here's and article titled "White House Study Finds Trees Main Cause of Forest Fires."

JUNE 2002

The LendingTree.Com commercial that Gil shot last July is running all over cable TV again this month, so you can see Gil’s face staring into a telescope in a bank!  That makes sense to us!  And Gil has written some new jokes for Ventriloquist Joel Leder, a very funny man with even funnier puppets, including Buck the Deer, Butch the Baby, and Les Vegas the Lounge Lizard!

And, continuing his career as a political satirist, Gil writes about the Bush/Harken/Corporate Accounting Scandals, published at DemocraticUnderground here.

APRIL 2002

Things are really heating up in Show Biz for Gil!  He had 3 jobs this month, including filming another national commercial, this one for CDW (Computer Discount Warehouse) in which he plays a confused executive who tells his company’s IT expert “Fred, I think I just crashed the Internet!”

Gil also booked 2 voice over jobs in April;  one radio spot for Bayer Laboratories selling Flint Fungicide for farmers (who knew the aspirin guys made gardening stuff?) and another industrial for Gloria Jean Coffee Houses.  The Flint Fungicide spot can be heard on California radios, but you can’t see the Gloria Jean industrial unless you attend their National Convention in Glendale this year.  But trust us, Gil was hilarious!

And, on the political satire front, Gil writes about the rumor that Attorney General John Ashcroft doesn’t like calico cats for the DemocraticUnderground here.


MARCH 2002

Several of Gil’s commercials are still running, including the hilarious IBM spot “The Heist” as wells as the Carnation Instant Breakfast spot and the Lending Tree.Com spot.

Gil and his lovely wife Sira attended the premiere showing of the film “Mind Games” (aka “Something Borrowed”) that Gil worked on last year.  The movie, written by David Lasdon, directed by Adrian Carr and produced by Mr. Lasdon and Monica R. Cooper, stars Gil’s friend Keri Keegan, and the great character actor Geoffrey Lewis.  Gil plays the sleazy Justice of the Peace in this "whodunit" caper flick about a group of cons who want to cheat Keri's character out of millions of dollars! Or do they? See the film to find out!

Gil writes political satire about the Gary Condit fiasco for DemocraticUnderground here


Gil taped an episode of a new Disney Channel show called “That’s So Raven” starring former Cosby Show kid Raven Simone.  The show, which will begin airing on the Disney channel in June, revolves around Raven’s character (also named Raven, what a coincidence!) who is a normal teenager going to school, except she just happens to be able to tell the future!  In the episode that Gil worked on, titled “Teach Your Children Well,” Gil plays a school janitor that Raven and her friends must trick in order to retrieve a nasty note that expresses Raven’s true feelings about her mom suddenly becoming the substitute teacher for her class. 


Gil sold a joke to the Tonight Show, which Jay Leno used in his monologue on Jan. 21st.  The joke? 

Former SLA fugitive Sara Jane Olson got 20 years to life for conspiring to blow up police cars back in 1975.  Unfortunately for us, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are still at large.”