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~ Gil's Buzz Archives 2001 ~


            The E! True Hollywood Story Paula Poundstone aired this month several times.  Gil was seen in it talking about the old comedy days in the San Francisco club scene.  Unfortunately for Gil, E! Television decided to use a graphic labeling him as a “Former Stand-up” when he asked to be shown a “Actor/Writer.”  Oh, well, that’s Show Biz!


Take me out to the Ball Game! Gil's IBM spot ran on the World Series, and is being seen all over television! The Lending Tree.Com and the Carnation Instant Breakfast spots are also still running on various cable and national outlets.

Also this month, Gil taped an interview with E! Entertainment television for E! True Hollywood Story: Paula Poundstone. Gil knew Paula when they both were beginning stand up comedians back in the San Francisco Comedy Scene in the early 80's. E! Television tells us that the program will air sometime in January or February of next year.

Gil also had a satirical article published in the on-line political lampoon magazine "The Latest Sedition," which you can read by clicking here.

This month you can see Gil in 3 different commercials on TV: IBM, Carnation Instant Breakfast and Lending Tree.Com. The IBM ad was seen on the World Open as well as every Sunday football game. Also, Gil shot a part in a new film called "Something Borrowed." Gil plays a sleazy Justice of the Peace who takes bribes and performs illegal weddings, and participates in a scam to cheat the heroine of the picture out of millions of dollars (type casting again!)

We here at the Gil Christner Web Site would like to take a moment to remember the many Americans lost in the tragic events of September 11, and to honor the valiant men and women of the police and fire departments, as well as the air lines and U.S. Military. We stand behind our country in this time of tragedy, and hope you will join us all in a prayer for a swift resolution to this conflict.
God Bless America!


Gil is Mr. Television this month! His Carnation Instant Breakfast commercial is appearing on morning shows everywhere, including Good Morning America, and his Lending commercial is running on national cable TV channels, including E! Entertainment Television, HGTV, TNT, CNBC and ESPN! Plus, a rerun of Gil's episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," first seen in February and again in June, shows on the WB on the 5th of August!

JULY 2001
July heats up as Gil films not one, but two national commercials. The first spot, for IBM, finds Gil playing a panicky executive who thinks all of his company's servers have been stolen, only to find out they have been replaced by more efficient IBM machines. In the second commercial, for Lending, Gil is one of a group of bankers who go into overdrive in a military-like assault to get the best loan rate for the Hendersons so they can redecorate their kitchen. Several bankers slide down a fire pole, while others deftly work calculators, as still others run around madly. Gil, as the look out, spies a competitor bank ("Hartrick Bank") already on the job of finding a good loan rate.

APRIL 2001
April starts out with a bang for Gil, as he films a national commercial for Carnation Instant Breakfast. The premise of the spot: a young photographer is sleepy and not very motivated at her job, until she drinks some Carnation Instant Breakfast. Suddenly she is full of pep and vigor, taking pictures and talking like a high-fashion photographer: "You're beautiful, you're gorgeous, pout for me, baby, yes!" It turns out she is the DMV photographer, and Gil, standing in line to get his picture taken, looks kind of confused.
Also in April Gil won the Los Angeles Times writing contest entitled "Don't Wait for the Sequel," in which contestants were asked to come up with improbable sequels to famous works of literature. Gil's winning entry:
LORD OF THE FRIES - Once back in civilization, the shipwrecked boys start a successful fast-food chain. Their specialty? Piggy in a blanket!


February 2001
The New Year is starting as a busy one for Gil! Eckerd Drug Stores hired Gil to do more voice over radio spots for their company, which can be heard on the East Coast, all the way from Upper New York to Florida.

And Gil just filmed an episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, called "You Were Made To Love Me." Gil plays a grumpy suburban Resident who is woken up in the middle of the night by a mindless "Girlfriend" Robot that is searching the neighborhood for her inventor. Gil's character is not too pleased that the Robot knocks on his door at 3:30 in the morning looking for her inventor/boyfriend. Watch for this episode during the sweeps month of February on the WB network, probably around Feb. 20!

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