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~ Gil's Buzz Archives 2000 ~

From December, 2000
The Holidays bring good news for Gil. During Thanksgiving week, the WB network showed a prime time rerun of the episode of Sabrina, The Teenage Witch featuring Gil. "The Band Episode" originally ran on ABC, and had guest stars The Back Street Boys (as well as John Volstad who played Daryl of Larry Daryl and Daryl on Newhart), but we suspect it was Gil's great performance of Customer #1 that prompted the network to rerun it.

Starz Movie Channel is running Mystery Men, with Gil's seminal performance as Suit #2. The episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun ("Dick V. Strudwick") featuring Gil can still be seen in syndication around the country, as well as Gil's Providence episode, "Paradise Inn" on Lifetime television.

Picture by Raul Reformina
The good news for everybody in Hollywood is that the commercial actors strike has been settled. SAG/AFTRA got a fair offer from the commercial producers, and the union membership has voted to accept and ratify the contract proposal, so we can all get to work again.

Gil worked hard on the lines and behind the scenes during the strike. As strike captain he walked the line or leafleted or manned the phones on average of 3 times a week. It was not only worth it to get a good contract after the longest strike in all of show business. Gil felt especially honored to have been a part of history, and at the victory celebration in Hollywood, was proud to hear his name announced in the speech thanking strike captains and staff.

On the writing front, Esther's Follies, the satirical political review in Austin, Texas is featuring two song parodies for the holiday season written by Gil. See his scripts for these and the American Comedy Network sketch "How the Grinch Stole Hanukkah" on the Scripts of the Month page.

The Millennium Year 2000 has been a good one for Gil, and he and everybody here at the Gil Christner Web Site hope that 2001 is prosperous for you and yours and wish a Happy Holidays to all.


From September 2000
Gil can be seen all over the television this fall. The episode of Providence in which Gil appears during Sydney's hallucination is re-running on Sept. 8. And Gil will be on the October 6th episode of Norm where he plays the slightly crazy Mr. Leesam, one of the clients in Norm's Social Services office. This was a particularly fun episode to film, as it also features guest starts Nikki Cox, Faith Ford and Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire Rick Rockwell.

Gil's National Discount Brokers commercial is in heavy rotation on CNBC cable channel, and Mystery Men will be showing on HBO sometime in October.

Now for the bad news: The Screen Actors Guild and AFTRA are still on strike against the commercial producers. The strike, which started May 1st, has now become the longest strike that SAG has been involved in. There is a great deal of frustration on the part of the actors, mainly because the Media has done very little to get the news of this strike out to the American Public. In fact, most people don't even know there is a strike going on!

Do not believe what you read in the papers about this conflict. For some strange reason, the Media is presenting only one side, the side of the Producers. In reality, the Producers have made an offer for the new contract that would, in effect, create a drastic pay cut for commercial actors. The Producers are offering a LOW flat fee for unlimited use of a commercial, as opposed to the current contract which calls for payment, or RESIDUAL, every time a commercial is shown on network television. According to this new proposal, any actor in a commercial that runs more than 22 times in a 13 week period would get less money than the old contract allows, up to 40%, 50%, even 60% less.

For more information, please go to And keep your fingers crossed for a quick and fair resolution to this labor action.


From April, 2000
Attention, all lovers of the NBC show Providence! Gil just filmed an episode of that show, which will be seen May 19, during the big sweeps period! This episode finds Sydney Hansen, played by series star Melina Kanakaredes, in a coma, and follows her hallucinations as her dead mother Lynda (played by the marvelous actress Concetta Tomei) takes her to Limbo, to await word on whether she lives or dies (gee, the star of the series, lives or dies, who can guess?) Gil plays another hospital patient in a coma who wishes Sydney good luck and "Have a Great Transition" as she and Lynda float down the hallway to the Bright Light of Limbo.

(Actually, this makes the second time Gil appears in the delusions of the comatose star of a series…two years ago he appeared in Adam Arkin's hallucinations when Adam's character fell comatose after arguing with Gil about a chicken sandwich. Is this type casting?)

And, Gil has also scored two major commercials, which you will hopefully be seeing on your television sets soon! In one, for National Discount Brokerage, Gil plays an innocent bystander watching the Police Swat team negotiate with robbers, when suddenly the Police hand him the megaphone and tell him to take over, so everybody splits, leaving poor Gil, who is obviously in way over his head, alone to face the bad guys!

In the second spot, for Kellogg's, Gil plays a supermarket manager who has to deal with two new Kellogg's characters, Eet and Ern, a giant horse and giant pig, who tear the store apart to get at all the great Kellogg's cereals.

These spots come just in a nick of time, as the Screen Actors Guild is currently in negotiations with the Producers for a new commercial contract, and if one is not successfully agreed on by both sides, it looks like a Strike will happen. (Yikes!) So keep your fingers crossed, because we don't want unprofessionals selling you corn flakes and dot com brokerages, now do we?


From January, 2000
The new Century is looking good for Gil's Voice Over career! Gil did a total of 4 holiday radio spots for the Eckerd Drug Store company, where he starred as Todd, the beleaguered husband of Darlene, as they solved their holiday needs by going to Eckerd Drug Store. The spots were very well received, and you will be hearing more Todd And Darlene (starring Gil!) for Eckerd drugs in the near future!
Sound clips from the Eckard spots are on the way, so watch this site! They'll be posted here soon.