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~ Gil's Buzz 2011 - 2010 ~


Gil’s Coors Light commercial has been running since March Madness.  It’s being featured on all NASCAR broadcasts, and was seen during the NBA finals.  Also, Gil is still writing more jokes for Des La Fratta and her puppets.


2010 starts out with a bang, because Gil filmed a Coors Light commercial.  It’s called “Trains” and Gil plays one of several people who get stuck on an elevated subway car when it breaks down.  Luckily it somehow turns into a sports bar (we’re not sure how exactly) full of Coors Light and everybody parties down.  This spot should start running during March Madness College Basketball.

Also Gil filmed an episode of the new Comedy Central series “Jon Benjamin Has A Van.” Gil plays an office worker in the 1970’s.  And Gil is still writing jokes for Des La Fratta and her puppets, Hilda and Jacque the French Canadian Poodle.  Hopefully there will be some good news along that front in the near future.

And finally, the documentary “Do It Again” by Mark Penn, featuring Gil’s interviews about his High School Musical days, should be available later this year on DVD.


In June Gil participated in the Tribute to Shadoe Stevens held at the world famous Silent Movie Theater in Hollywood.

Gil has known Shadoe for decades, since 1986 when Shadoe cast him as Norm Jones in the Cinemax presentation of ShadoeVision.  The tribute program consisted of the showing of several old Federated commercials, which Shadoe wrote, produced and starred in back in the 80’s.  And then ShadoeVision was shown.

Gil was asked to speak to the crowd about his time working with Shadoe, Chuck Cirino, Mike Hill and Dave Nichols.  Gil gave a weird, funny, incoherent, rambling account of how wonderful and strange it was back in the day.  “We weren’t ahead of our time,” Gil said, “we were to the side of it.  Then we found out we didn’t need drugs to make ourselves laugh.  We needed drugs to make you laugh.”
Gil with Shadoe Stevens
Gil with Shadoe Stevens
Gil with Dave Nichols & Chuck Cirino
Gil with Dave Nichols & Chuck Cirino
Gil and Mike Hill
Gil with Mike Hill

A great time was had by all, and the gang promised to meet again in another 20 years.  (just kidding!)

In August, Gil’s episode of Mad Men aired on AMC.  Gil played a waiter who couldn’t remember Harry Crane’s name.  Gil thought working with Rich Sommer, Vincent Kartheiser and Aaron Staton was great fun, and that being directed by John Slattery (who plays boss Roger Sterling) was a highlight of his career.

Gil and Rich Sommer

Also in August, Gil was asked to write jokes for the act of ventriloquist Des LaFratta.  Des and her pal Whoospi Lou now have some new material, thanks to Gil!

And finally, the documentary “Do It Again” by Mark Penn premiered at Hinkley High School in Aurora, Colorado.  The film examined the High School Musicals produced by the students and faculty at Hinkley during the 70’s, many of which Gil appeared in.  Gil’s interview by Mark are a major part of the documentary.  Though Gil couldn’t make the premiere, he was told by old friends that everybody enjoyed it a great deal.


New Agent for Gil!

Gil has signed with Kathleen Schultz of Kathleen Schultz Associates.  Kathleen was part of the power duo of Dade/Schultz Agency before Dade retired, and now she’s running the agency herself.  Gil expects this to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

In fact, in the first month of Kathleen’s representation, Gil booked and shot an episode of Mad Men!  We can’t tell you more about it just yet, due to the confidentiality clause in the contract, but the episode will be appearing later this summer!  Stay tuned for more details!

Also, later this summer, Gil will be appearing at the CineFamily’s Tribute to Shadoe Stevens at the Silent Movie Theater in Los Angeles.  Gil was the star of ShadoeVision on Cinemax back in the 80’s, and will join Shadoe and the rest of the Fred Rated/ShadoeVision gang for a night of video nostalgia and psycopathy.  We’ll tell you how the evening goes!






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